Smart Kakoon

Expands infinitely and can close at any size.
Full Protection!
Infinitely secures tarps and the cargo that’s protected.
Easy Assembling!
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Secure tarps for protection on the ground and in transit.

Infinity Tarps and J-links are the newest solutions to secure your cargo and equipment while protected inside. Our tarps solve transport, protection, and outdoor storage challenges.

Infinity Tarp

Expands infinitely and the tarps can close at any size.

Contractor / Commercial

Waterproof tarps secure and protect tools. Cover or enclose all types of machinery, inventory, and supplies.

Disaster / Remediation

Quickly secure, enclose, and protect property and supplies. Waterproof tarps easily collect and clean up and enclose debris.

Home / Personal

Weatherproof tarps offer enclosable, covered protection at home and in transit for belongings of all types and sizes.