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About Us

For decades, the tarp industry has been stagnant, providing only partial protection in the form of waterproof sheets with undependable grommets. Now, valuables of all shapes and sizes are being truly protected, effectively and securely using Smart KaKoon’s proprietary innovations.
Traditional tarps only cover, inviting dust, rodents, bugs, and flap in the wind tearing out  grommets.

Infinity Tarp is a multi-industry, multi-purpose tool that reconfigures from job to job by expanding endlessly and closing at any size, replacing single-use and custom tarps with flexibility on-demand.

Securing valuables inside a tarp for transport did not exist and securing the tarp itself was labor-intensive, often ending with torn out grommets and flapping in the wind. These limitations kept us restricted to more costly box trucks, enclosed trailers, and storage structures. Patented J-Links eliminated that restriction with a safe connection from the cargo inside an enclosed tarp to a strap-hook outside. J-Links also secure tarps themselves by conveniently attaching at any location on the canvas and magnifying the tarp strength multiple times over grommets that fail.


We all cherish the valuables and possessions in our lives and want to keep them safe and sound.

While looking to buy the ideal home, we consider storage space essential. The moment a disaster hits or a storm is on its way, we hurry to ensure our favorite bike, boat, or other equipment is safely stored and protected.

Mostly, everyone uses tarps to enclose things in, but we have to deal with uncertain leakage, damage, or the struggle of putting scraps of tarps together to keep our valuables safe.

Marc, KaKoon’s founder, was tired of all of this too. He put all of his thoughts into it and came up with a well-researched product that replaces all of those untidy and unreliable tarps.

Kakoon Infinity Tarp and J-Link

KaKoon Infinity Tarps are specially designed to protect all your valuables no matter the size or shape! This patented solution encloses to keep your belongings comfortably sealed inside.

All those extra bikes, your child’s big toys, boats, ATV vehicles, and everything else on your list can be stuffed inside the Infinity Tarp without any hassle.

It’s more than a regular tarp, it’s a KaKoon Infinity Tarp!

Our innovative tarps and J-Links will ease your frustrations when you lack storage space. Protect your valuables and keep them safe from rain, dust, wind, or other damage.

Easily enclose, seal, and move unevenly sized and shaped valuables to any place you want. Infinity Tarps expand infinitely to accommodate cargo in any shape and size.

The next time you need better cargo solutions, moving protection, or smarter storage hacks, try the KaKoon Infinity Tarps and J-Links!