Smart Kakoon


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The all new, infinitely expandable, completely closable, and reversible protection for your valuable cargo and equipment.




Infinity Tarp Standard (9'10" x 6'6") - 12oz/14Mil-UV

The Infinity Tarp is strong and thick! It's available in 2 sizes and can handle all of your household items, toys, equipment, machinery, roofs, and more. Made with 14 Mil-UV protected standard grade material.

12 oz

Infinity Tarp Standard (16'5" x 9'10") - 12oz/14Mil-UV

Thick! 14Mil-UV protected material is standard grade for Smart KaKoon. Available in 2-sizes. From household items to expensive big boy toys, contractor equipment, machinery, roofs, and more.

12 oz

Infinity Tarp PRO - 18oz - 20 Mil - UV Protected

Even Tougher! 20 Mil industrial grade with UV protection covers and encloses everything you can think of with even greater capability and longevity. Standard and Pro are also expansion compatible.
$219.95 - 16'5" x 9'10"

PRO - 18 oz

How It Works

Infinitely expandable.

The Infinity Tarp is a unique patented tarp system designed to enclose valuables rather than just cover them. Expands infinitely, connecting one to another while still able to close at any size. This capability, never before available, allows you more options than ever when it comes to protecting your valuables both in storage and in transit.

Limitless utility.
Find yours.

  • Cargo & Transport
  • Outdoor Storage
  • Remediation
  • Bundle Loading

Transportation perfected with J-Links.

Using Infinity Tarps along with J-Links gives you the ultimate mobility and protective storage options for your possessions. Perfect for securing and protecting things on the go!