Smart Kakoon


“ I LOVE my Smart Kakoon! The Shed was leaking in my backyard, and before Smart Kakoon I used many conventional tarps, only to yet again be frustrated with the result. The Smart Kakoon covered it completely so now ALL my valuables are dry and clean.”

Year-2. The previous tarps had disintegrated from the sun and ripped from the wind. Your Infinity Tarp material is still solid. Impressive! Well worth the extra money.
“ Being an Arborist, I haul a trailer with all my lawn, tree and landscaping equipment daily. Regular tarps were okay, but dirt and water would make all my equipment muddy and rusty. With Smart Kakoon, I can encase everything on my trailer, and NEVER have to worry about the protection it provides my equipment.”
“ New York winters are harsh, and I needed to protect my deck furniture though finding something that would be effective was impossible aside from custom fabrication. When I opened it in the spring, I was amazed that everything was just as clean as when I enclosed it. Reflecting back, my neighbor who used a regular tarp, had to re-cover everything multiple times from it being blown around and still had to wash everything when he got it out in the springtime. Now I’m also using it for camping trips during the summer. I guess that’s multi-purpose. Good stuff! ”